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 Why do we play on this server? Why does anyone play here?

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PostSubject: Why do we play on this server? Why does anyone play here?   Wed Mar 17, 2010 7:34 am

Guys (& gals),

I put this question to you, why do you play on this server, what brought you here?

Is it because that we try to weed out cheats?
Or is it because we try to control the excessive bad language on the server so that everyone (and i mean everyone) does not have to listen to it?
Is it because we stop excessive spamming, so are ears are not assailed by rubbish continuously?
Do we generally frown on admin abuse?

Could it be because we try to have a server that is fun to be on, free from abuse and generally a good place to be?

You all have your own answers to these questions, let me tell you about mine:

I was looking for a good server to play on that fulfilled those requirements and I found one, this one. It fulfilled all I was looking for in a gaming server and I have not looked back. I have no wish to change it or change any of the rules that came with playing on this server, why?

Because, if you start changing things, then you end up with something different and it will no longer be the server that I joined originally. <- take note -- important--

I know that there are those of you who accuse me of being a swearing nazi, and I know that there are those of you who hate camping and the fact that I do camp.

Let me address those points:

Swearing: I ask you all to take some time out of game play and listen to the server for a while instead of reacting whilst in game, the swearing gets out of control very quickly when it is not kept in check and then you find tempers flare and people then start abusing each other, trust me it happens all the time.

Camping: I need to point out to you that: one) it is not against the rules, & two) it means you should know exactly where to find the person, so they should become an easy kill. If you want to ban camping, we may as well take all maps off the server except knife.lol, because all other maps have corners or crevices or places to run and hide, its part of the game, just remember to look everywhere and get to know the maps your playing on. Don't go raging off at people and threatening to kick/ban them, all you are achieving is making admins look bad, spamming the server with the threats of bans and raising the agro level on the server.

I like this server so much, I pay for admin, yes that gets me some priviliges but I am still bound by the rules, and so I dont have to remind anyone, please read them and remember them next time you are in game.

To answer something else, slight changes have had to be made to try and stop the server being hacked, remember that it is not our fault, that we have to react to others trying to ruin our little bit of fun.


p.s. I am not really looking for responses, but if you feel obligated, go for it.
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Why do we play on this server? Why does anyone play here?
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