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 How Raiding works within the ds clan

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PostSubject: How Raiding works within the ds clan   Sat Jan 26, 2013 8:46 am

hey all Epix here

Most of you would be wondering what our policy is with raiding.

From the start We are an ""Äll About the Guild"" type of guild. so there is no one that misses out on anything. Though that will require some effort on your behalf.
Jump on Team Speak, us admins and some members are allway on to talk wow, fishing, sport, footy, shit, what ever. Get on and get to know the crew.

Secondly its about social development within the guild. You can play once a week or 3 days straight, it doesnt matter, again have a chat to the boys.

To raid teams will generally have to be organised into raiding teams. GET UR REQUEST ONTO THIS FORUM. choose mates, guildies, or who ever you want to team with, we will work around everyone the best we can

You are obviously required to be 90 with a gear score of 460 (i think) to begin raiding. BUT.. that wont stop u from cementing a spot if ur a lower level. It comes down to comitment and asking the boys
for a hand to help u level or gear up.

Another thing.. in my raid team i will be apart of id prefer no imaturity whilst in the raid., ie no ur mums this or whatever... swear ur head of for all i care but no imature shit.. out side of the raid,, lol i dont care.

lastly Follow these Steps to become a raider.
*team speak.. yes u need to have it, if u dont have a mic at least get it to listen to us, u can then type in game
*Reply somewhere in the raiding forum Your Name, or toon name class etc.. Example... i am epix i wish my level 9- Warlock Krystel, to join raiding as a Dps
* Your prefered nights, when u can secape the wife for the night, dont have to work at 4am.
* raiding time will generally be *weekend* 8pm - midnight or weekday 7pm - midnight server times (UNLESS) organised otherrwise
*Ur spec is important. Tank Heals or Dps, tanks and heals will be more guaranteed a spot
*come with a Good attitude, we are all in it together and it is a very green guild.
*Have fun

Any issues contact any of your Admins on wow or leave a message here.
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How Raiding works within the ds clan
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